Saudi Souvenirs – 13 Special Ideas You Can Choose From

Saudi Souvenirs

Saudi Souvenirs have been its artistic touch when it comes to picking a good gift you can give someone. Choosing a good and unique gift to give it away for someone you love, can be hard sometimes. Especially, if you want to get away from those common and mediocre ones which are well-known among people. Accordingly, you have to choose a special souvenir that can stick in the mind of the one you want to give it to. In this guide, we will show a list of amazing Souvenirs you can choose from. Let’s dive in.

Those handpicked 17 Saudi Souvenirs, will leave a creative impression for the person you going to give:

1. Islamic Souvenirs

Islamic Souvenirs are one of those special types of gifts you can give to someone. As they have their unique style, vintage and historical aspect, many people are fond of such kind of gifts. People recently, suffer the lack of creativity and uniqueness of their collectibles, with such type of gifts, I think they will no longer struggle.

Allah Wooden Stand

2. Saudi Abaya

One of the things that the Arabic Culture is well-known for is “Abaya”. Which is a kind of long-form dress covering the whole body. Which can be plain or having colors, drawings, shapes, etc. Saudi Arabia has a top-notch collection of brands and manufacturers tailoring those Abayas. If you found didn’t feel any comfortable with such kind of gifts, there are many variations of those which can fit-in the occasion you are going to, like Kimonos. They look like this picture.

Saudi Abaya

3. Jewelry Boxes

This is my preferred type of souvenirs as they carry their weight in the world of gifts. Jewelry Boxes can be categorized as common gifts and not common ones, at the same time. And this can be due to the fact of how it is crafted, carved, its design and many factors that come to the play.

And in Arabic Culture, such gifts are valuable and reflects how classical you are. It can sown the idea in the mind of the person who you can give, that you are a person who has a beautiful mind.

Saudi Jewelry Box

4. Perfume And Oud Boxes

In Saudi Arabia, Perfume is known as “Oud“, in a few words Oud is a special type of incense which is pretty common in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. I think you couldn’t agree more with me about such a type of souvenir, which you can give it to someone. It’s pure Arabic-Culture-Backed of its kind, with a unique style and originative one. Perfume and Oud Boxes are not only gifts, but they are considered one of the most precious things you can giveaway. They can look like this.


Oud Box Souvenir5. Wooden Models For Saudi Places

Saudi has a special type of gifts and souvenirs on the head of those. You can pick 3d Historical Models made of Wood which looks decent and valuable to give to someone you love, your friend or any person you really love. Like this one, which is a 3d Model For Jeddah Historical Center.

3d Historical Wooden Shape

6. Dates Boxes

I suppose you all know Dates, Saudi Arabia is a well-known manufacturer of Dates Boxes and considers the land of dates. Dates themselves come which way too flavors and extras. In KSA, you can find Dates with almonds, Honey, Coffee or Kahwa. Thus, giving someone Dates, or Dates Box will give him/her more than the present itself, it’s like experience for how the culture of Saudi Arabia looks like. Like this one

Wooden Dates Box

7. Islamic Wooden Clocks

Since we are talking about Saudia Arabia, then for sure we know that the Islamic Trait can be found in every and anything even in small details. Wooden Clocks with the name of Allah carved all over it, will be a very good option you can put your minds to when thinking to pick any of Saudi Souvenirs. A simple one can look like this.

Islamnic Wooden Office Clock

8. Wooden Shields

Wooden Shields are trophies made of wood which can be placed on Office, give it to someone who just graduated, someone who just retired, it can fit-in many occasions. They got many shapes and many sentences written over it, they have different variations of colors, sizes and shapes too. For example, this is a Circle Wooden Shield.

Circular Wooden Shield

9. Wooden Quraan Box

Quraan for who don’t know about it, it’s Muslim’ Holy book, like the Bible for Christian people. The Kingdom has proved that they are the most talented people when it comes to the creation of such Islamic gifts and souvenirs. Wooden Quraan Box or Mushaf Box will be an amazing masterpiece. Arabisk Quraan Box

Arabisk Mushaf Box

10. Quraan Holder

Unlike the Wooden Quraan Box, the Quraan holder is a little bit different which can be used to place the Holy Quraan over it and you can read with ease and simplicity. Its idea is very simple like the Ipad Stand, you can put on it the Holy Quraan and read comfortably. It looks like below this image from our store.

Wooden Quraan Holder

11. Wooden Desk Calendar

If you have one of your friends who is passionate about stationery stuff, you can give him such a beautiful Wooden Calender with Jeddah historical center carved on it. Such a beautiful one will impress him/her a lot as it contains one of Saudi Arabia places which has a beautiful design which is carved on a couchy Wooden material. Like this

Wooden Calender

13. Wooden Pen

It’s not a normal pen, it’s a Wooden Pen With Jeddah Carved on It which can be given away to your friend, coworker, your manager, it’s really precious gift. And this beautiful souvenir mixes between heritage and modern style in a single masterpiece.


Wooden Jeddah PenComments are open below to tell me which one you picked and you found it suitable, opinions are welcomed. If you have any suggestions tell me below.

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