Best 8 Types of Incense

Types of Incense

Incense is one of the most famous scents and fragrances used in all different cultures and civilizations, no matter how far or apart their limbs are due to its positive effect on the soul. I do not think that the noble reader is but a fan of incense and its uses. Therefore, this article is important to you, as we have covered many of the incense benefits, best-smelling incense sticks, and other related issues and their uses.

The best types of incense in the world:

In addition to the interest of many Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf countries love incense and oud and use it in many uses such as promotion with incense, perfuming clothes and homes with incense.

The best types of incense for clothes and at home:

1- Blue Oud Incense

Al-Azraq (blue) incense is the finest and most expensive incense in the Arab world, and is often called the “super”. Despite its high price, it is very popular because it smells well at home and on clothes. It is very concentrated. Thus it is one of the best suitable types for both clothes and home.

It is a piece with a heavyweight and a black colour and is characterized by not being distilled to fat, and therefore it is very suitable for perfuming clothes. It is characterized by the non-distillation of the fat.

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2- Sandalwood incense

Oud sandalwood incense is extracted from the finest sandalwood trees, especially scattered in East Asia, such as India. It is one of the most famous incense, due to the spread of its trees, and it is included in the world-famous perfumes.

The sandalwood plaque is extracted from the oil, which eventually becomes the oud. It is not limited to Indian or Arab culture alone but is found mostly in all cultures.

3- Cambodian oud incense

The Cambodian oud is similar to the Oud incense al-Azraq, but its colour is less-black than the incense of blue, as it tends to brown.

Cambodian incense – unlike sandalwood – is very rare and difficult to obtain in large quantities, and it is not due to a large number of trees or few trees, but rather has to do with the security and political conditions in India and Cambodia – the country of its primary spread.

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4- Lao Oud incense

Although Laotian incense is one of the most valuable and precious types of incense and oud, it is one of the most popular types for the usage on clothes and at home due to its strong stability and pleasant smell. It may be limited to wealthy people.

Its high price is due to the scarcity of its acquisition and spread exclusively in Laos, Southeast Asia.

5- Kalimantan Oud Incense

Oud Kalimantan incense is one of the most distinctive and very strong Oud incense. Kalimantan is extracted from the forests of the islands of Indonesia, and the name comes from the eastern province of Kalimantan, on the island of Tarakan, which lies between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Clementine is also considered one of the most common types of clothes incense and types of home incense due to its stability and strength, and the rapid spread in the air and its adhesion to clothes.

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6- Indian oud incense

The Indian Oud incense is considered as one of the highest incense prices due to its high demand, in addition to the security and political conditions in India that control its export, as it only allows the export of very small quantities of it.

It is really one of the finest incense and oud, and its aroma is very fragrant, and therefore it is suitable for use at home.

The form of Indian oud incense is one of the most distinctive types of oud and incense, a jitter of white and black parts that extend along its length in the form of small veins. It weighed relatively heavy, and had a lot of fat and was therefore not baked as incense for clothes.

7- Javanese Oud Incense

Javanese Oud incense is one of the most popular types of incense for clothes because of its longevity and longevity, as well as its beautiful and pleasant scent. It has two types: the first is Javanese Sumatra, and the second type is called Javanese Siam.

It is extracted from tree trunks that grow in some Indonesian regions and is also used in the manufacture of medicines because of its many health benefits: such as expelling phlegm and sterilizing wounds and injuries, and relieving pain, expelling germs from the urinary tract, and other respiratory problems as well.

8- Malaysian Oud Incense

The Malaysian Oud is considered one of the most famous types of incense, and it has several types of the most famous black type, and it is gradually classified in terms of quality to the blue oud passing through the Oud Al-Ghattas sea and ending with the regular oud incense.

This type of incense is spread in some Malaysian forests, but its smell differs with the difference in the region extracted from it, as each region carries a special and unique aroma.

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What are the benefits of incense for health?

The benefits of incense are not limited to the pleasant smell and emotional factor, but it is mentioned that it has many health and psychological benefits, including:

1- It increases the human ability to concentrate and raises the mental ability.

2- It kills many germs in the place or in clothes, although it prevents the infection from spreading.

3- A person feels psychological comfort, which addresses mental disorders after a person feels comfortable and internal stillness.

4- It increases happiness hormones like serotonin.

What are the cultural and religious uses of incense?

Incense is known in the current era for its beauty and picturesque smell in addition to some social norms, and it is used in mosques to enter the smart scents, but it does not have a specific religious origin but a cultural attitude to perfume the mosque.

But the Chinese used it for Hindus and Buddhists of religious origin as well as Jews in their temples, as well as the ancient Egyptians in the period between 2345-2494 BC. M.

How do you know you know the quality of incense and oud?

Quality of incense is often known as its heavyweight, dark colour, diffusion and long-lasting odour in a room, home or clothing after it has been heated.

Hence it is preferred to heat it when buying to show its quality, especially when purchasing the precious species. If the resulting smoke appears blue, this is a good sign of the good quality of this incense. It is also preferable to inhale it, and if it causes a burning throat, this is a sign of its bad adulterated type.

Small parts are preferred, as large pieces often contain lead that helps in increasing weight. It is also a good idea to put it on water. If it floats on the surface, this is a sign of quality. Also, if the colour does not change, and if its colour changes with water, then this means that it was dyed.

Is incense break the fast Islamically speaking?

If a fasting Muslim was not intended for sniffing or inhalation, for example, someone who cuts incense or passes by incense, or other unintended smell and inhalation, then the four schools of Law agree that this act does not break the fast. But if inhalation intentionally tattooed incense as it enters its cavity, then see the four schools of thought revolve around: it is not an act of breaking the fast because incense is not a food or drink (Shafi’is), others schools argue the prohibition and thus breaking the fast (Hanbalis, Malikis and Hanafis).
God knows!