Get a Subha and an elegant Subha Case with Arabic and Islamic inscriptions that reflect the Islamic character of the Subha. Tethkar Store is a Subha’s shop that offers you many colors and shapes for Subhas to suit different tastes.

If the Subha is your choice for a special gift, choose the elegant Wooden Subha Case from the Subha selling site, Tethkar Store, to draw the Islamic character in your gift and give it a distinct spiritual character.

Looking for a Subha’s shop in Riyadh that offers you elegant Subha designs? Tethkar store offers you a collection of luxurious and elegant Subha that carry unique and varied Arabic engravings to suit your different tastes.

Choose the color of the Subha that you prefer with the elegant Subha Case, to get your distinctive imprint, whether as a gift or for your personal use.

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