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Professionally engrave your business identity into wooden boxes. Tethkar guarantees a distinct shape in designing elegant wooden boxes, and high quality using the finest types of wood and the speed in producing any quantity of wooden boxes to add a distinctive print to your products.



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Wooden Box Features

Wooden boxes designed to combine elegance and high quality, Tethkar provides you with a variety of luxurious gift boxes for your products to suit the taste of your customers. We know the diversity of your product shapes, we provide you with many designs of product boxes from the inside to match the dimensions of your products and the number of pieces presented in the same package.

Wooden Boxes fully manufactured in Saudi Arabia. Which makes it your first choice in terms of producing any quantity of gift boxes, to meet all your requirements to get wooden boxes for your product at a special price and as soon as possible. In addition to eliminating various customs and shipping problems, Tethkar, it’s a Saudi manufacturer of wooden boxes.

Wooden Box Solutions From Tethkar

You want to get distinct packaging for your products in an innovative way that makes the shape of your boxes engraved in the minds of your customers and link their shape with your business identity. Choose from a variety of designs of wooden boxes that suit different shapes and types of your products from Tethkar.

To remain your most distinctive product, Tethkar relies on the manufacture of luxury gift boxes using the latest laser engraving machines for accurate details, details that tell stories. Using laser engraving technology, you will be able to engrave your business identity on wooden boxes dedicated to the promotional gifts of your products in the best quality.

Do you offer food products? You want to present your products in elegant boxes and at the same time in healthy boxes. Tethkar offers you a variety of wooden boxes obtained a permit from the Saudi Ministry of Health to put different types of food.

Tethkar realizes all the obstacles you receive every time you want to buy gift boxes for your products. And desiring to overcome all the obstacles, and the most famous of these obstacles is to import from abroad. Tethkar is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ships the product boxes and the promotional gift boxes to all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries as soon as possible.

Desiring to provide complete solutions, we provide you with different payment methods, to get your wooden products boxes quickly.

The Advantages Of Purchasing Wooden Boxes From Tethkar

Materials: Finest types of wood.

Advantages: Elegant wholesale wooden boxes for your products, combining luxury and excellence, to make your product unique. With the possibility of engraving your commercial identity on these wooden boxes using the latest technology in laser engraving. Wooden boxes fully manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to remove the barriers of shipping and cost during import.

No more pain with Tethkar, receive your boxes instantly and on time.

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