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Tethkar’s Perfumes Empty Boxes come in multiple designs to match different sizes and shapes for your perfume bottle. You can also engrave your business identity on these perfume boxes.

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Characteristics Of Empty Perfume Boxes

Perfume boxes are your way to draw the identity of your fragrance, Tethkar provides a variety of wooden perfume boxes in different shapes and sizes. You can also choose the design for your perfume boxes to reflect the scent of your perfume with the ability to engrave your commercial identity on these empty boxes using the latest technology in laser engraving.

You produce perfumes in your home or in a large store and search for empty perfume boxes to make your perfume a unique shape that grabs the attention of everyone to your perfume and pushes them to try it. Use Tethkar to find a variety of wooden perfume boxes. You will also be able to choose any size you prefer and any interior design for the perfume boxes to match the type of perfume bottle and the number of perfume bottles in a single package.

Perfumes Box Solutions

You know that Saudi perfume consumption reaches about 665 million Saudi riyals, and you feel a severe competition. You are looking for a safe way to make you take a different path by drawing attention to gaining more customers and thus avoiding this competition. All you have to do is to choose a premium packaging for perfume bottles to make them a unique piece of art. Discover more perfume boxes from Tethkar to choose the perfect design.

Tethkar allows you to obtain any quantity of wooden perfume boxes according to your requirements of perfume boxes with the ability to easily ship them in all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular and in the Gulf countries in general. As Tethkar is a Saudi factory that produces 100% Saudi products. This will ensure that you will get the best price for empty perfume boxes as soon as possible, by passing the difficulties of importing from abroad.

Having concerns in payment methods? Tethkar provides you with the easiest and simplest of the different payment methods so that you can get any quantity of perfume boxes in the fastest time without having to wait a long time.

The Advantages Of Purchasing Empty Perfume Boxes From Tethkar

Materials: Finest types of wood.

Features: Wholesale perfume boxes from Tethkar that combine authentic Arabic style with elegance, to make your products gain the most distinctive packaging. The ability to obtain any quantity of empty perfume boxes with your business identity engraved on these boxes using the latest laser engraving technology. Tethkar’s Perfume boxes are manufactured with Saudi hands, which makes them with the best price and the fastest shipping.

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