At Tethkar our passion is to design stunning, wooden, classic Islamic souvenirs from heart of the world that you will love keeping, using finest design methods and natural materials to appeal to your soul.

In our studios in heartwarming Jeddah, on the Red seaside, our small talented team dedicate themselves to creating ornamental, beautiful to use gift items inspired from the two holy mosques of Haram. Exclusive calligraphic, floral wooden work, infused with Islamic art and extra attention to detail add to the uniqueness of our gifts.


The journey began long time ago with Abdullah creating exclusive calligraphic gift items made with wood. He learned calligraphy at university and a silent passion for Islamic art and authentic Saudi Made products grew in his heart. He believed wood has a unique feel that touches the soul. The market was challenging but when he saw people choosing his made in Saudi Arabia souvenirs over other imported items, he gave his luck a chance and followed his heart. These souvenirs were a big hit with customers coming to pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah as they wanted to take with them something that reminds them of their journey to the holy land. So, in 2016 Tethkar (from Arabic literally “souvenir”) was established in Jeddah..

Our souvenirs can be found on our established e-commerce platform, selected shops and stores in Makkah and Madinah.


We have firm belief that business should not be just about profits but more about people and contributing to the good in the world. Our wooden Qurans are hand-assembled by women, so by supporting us, you are supporting them. Our mission is to grow together as a team and leave a positive mark in the world. Our move towards this goal is a work-in-progress and we will continue to strive to be a force of good in this world.